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Episode Gallery


MAY 7, 2020


S1-E1-Tanzania Serengeti Plains

Wildlife Adventure

JUNE 8, 2020


S1-E2-India & Nepal

Cultural Delight

JULY 3, 2020

S1-E3-Great Britain Part 1 – Scotland

Rugged Beauty

AUGUST 7, 2020

S1-E4-Great Britain Part 2 – S. England

Pomp & Circumstance & British TV Mystery


S1-E5-Great Britain Part 3 – S. England

British Culture & Harry Potter

OCTOBER 9, 2020

S1-E6-France Part 1 – Paris

The Special Charm of Paris, France

About Us

This exciting Television and Streaming Series Premiered on PhillyCAM Community Cable in Philadelphia, PA. Watch us on Xfinity 66/966HD/967 | Verizon 29/30 on every Thursday at 2:00PM.

This Travel Entertainment TV Series has been created by Doug Crisman for the pleasure of others that have traveled or would like to in the future. He shares wonderful surprises that he and his fellow explorers have stumbled upon and filmed during their travels to 23 different countries and 5 continents over the past 10 years.

Doug is a native of the Pacific Northwest in the United States and is currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. He is familiar with travel of all sorts, having lived in over 27 locations across the United States and Canada in his lifetime. As he began to travel beyound the US boarders of this beautiful earth of ours he became addicted to the wonders of different people, cultures, and wildlife, as well as natural and man-made landscapes. During these travels, he has captured many unexpected surprises along the way. He and his seasoned-travel guests share their adventures and interesting facts they learned with you.

To make this series possible, Doug is joined by members of PhillyCAM, a community Television Station that assists all those interested in using all digital media to share their voice and visions. A special thanks goes to Jordan Kucharski, Joe Kane, Tamica Tanksley, Roland Boyden, Gabe Castro and the rest of our friends at PhillyCAM. Through their advice, support and assistance, they have made this TV Series come to life. Last, but not least, a great thank you to Ryan Crisman who constantly tries to keep his father on track.


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